Pregnancy Counseling Centre

"I'm pregnant... how can I be sure?"

"I'm too young, what will others say?"

"What are my options?"

"I'm confused, I'm scared!"

"I need help!"

099-407-NPO, BEE Certified: IRP1146

About us

About Amato Pregnancy Counselling Centre

We are a non-profit, Christian based organisation that counsels vulnerable women that find themselves in a pregnancy crisis. We strive to improve access to consistent high-quality crisis pregnancy and post-abortion counselling and education.

Our roots and foundation stem from the SA Cares programme (Neo Birth), which was initiated in 1993. The foundation criteria of the programme was to care and assist women facing unplanned pregnancies.

Significant needs emerged from the youth attending universities and colleges, away from parents' supervision. For the last 18 years the Neo Birth programme addressed the needs of more than 6 000 clients and in the last year alone, we had more than 373 client cases.

SA Cares re-aligned their strategic focus and the AMATO Pregnancy Counselling Centre was established in April 2011 to replace the services of the former Neo Birth (dissolved) to assist women towards making healthy life choices. We seek to support those in need, regardless of their situation. We recognize and respect the dignity and choice of individuals, as well as acknowledge freedom of choice.

The Amato Pregnancy Counselling Centre continues the FREE ongoing support for pregnancy related crisis clients (099-407-NPO). At the AMATO Pregnancy Counselling Centre we would like our services to be accessible to those in need of them and to demonstrate kindness, inclusivity and integrity.

We operate solely by means of donations from our community and churches.

Vision: Our counselling centre is for anyone struggling with pregnancy related crises, helping our clients towards health and healing through making effective life choices for all nations. We also provide education on sexual integrity to the youth of South Africa.

Mission: Amato Pregnancy Counselling Centre provides counselling in a safe, non-judgmental and confidential environment to enable clients with pregnancy related issues to make healthy life choices.

Values: We embrace the pro-women, pro-care strategy and our counselling is personal, confidential and with unconditional acceptance and respect;

• We build a personal relationship with our clients;

• We provide accurate and balanced information regarding pregnancy related crises;

• We provide a discreet and safe environment for our clients;

• We provide a FREE service to the community;

• We link our clients to other formal structures if necessary (excl. abortion clinics)

Our passion:

To have competent volunteer counsellors who have skills to do:

• Practical evaluation

• Ongoing training and counselling

• Specialized training

To have a client feeling valued, nurtured and accepted, through:

• Confidentiality

• Unconditional love

• Treating him/her with respect

• Unbiased support

• Non-judgmental counselling

• Provision of relevant information